Hi there!

Thank you for checking out my work.  This is that page where I could drone on and on about my history and accomplishments as a photographer but I think I'll let my photos speak for themselves. Below are some interesting facts to help you get to know me better:

-I love cookies so much I wrote them into my wedding vows.

-After fracturing my tailbone, while snowboarding, an X-ray showed that I have an extra rib.

-My husband is the ultimate Southern Gentleman and we're raising our son to be a kind and respectful little gent as well.

-I grew up in a big soccer family.  I played for fifteen years.  It was the only sport I've ever played.

-I've always liked kids but now that I have my own I absolutely adore children!  They really are such blessings!

-I love going to the beach but I'm afraid of the ocean.

- My husband was born on National Pi Day (3/14).  I was born on National Pie Day (1/23).

-Despite my fear of heights I've hiked to the top of Half Dome twice.  I've climbed to the top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney.  And I've zipped lined 655 feet up in the Costa Rican jungle.

-If I wasn't a photographer I think I'd be a wedding planner.  Planning and designing our Vintage Parisian Circus-inspired wedding was a creative highlight of my life!

Courtney & Mike 2011

Courtney & Mike 2011


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